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The museum and the castle tower in Liw - The museum and the castle tower in Liw - Everest - Hotel & Restauracja
The museum and the castle tower in Liw

You can see two high towers of Saint Leonard church , designed by J.P. Dziekoński in 1905, in Liw village but the most spectacular monument here is the castle and the mansion building. They are both situated among picturesque windings of the Liwiec river. That historical settlement goes back to the 13th century where a governor supervised crossing of the river, which was the border between Poland and Lithuania. The duke Janusz I Stary built a castle here in the beginning of the 15th century. Then, the princess Anna Mazowiecka rebuilt the castle in 1512. Next,  
the queen Bona extended it in the years  1550 -1555.

Unfortunately,  the castle was destroyed by Swedish soldiers in 1656 and 1703 but the tower escaped destruction.

Then, in 1782, a Baroque mansion was built there as the residence of the starost  (the head of the region).

The castle was to be demolished totally during the Second World War. Howewer,  Otto Werpechowski managed to persuade the Nazis that the castle was the Teutonic Knights construction. This way it survived. At present the buildings house the Museum of Arms and Armour,  which exhibits weapons from 17th-19th centuries as well as furniture, regional cloth and oil paintings.