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The town Węgrów and the Liwiec River Valley - The town Węgrów and the Liwiec River Valley - Everest - Hotel & Restauracja
The town Węgrów and the Liwiec River Valley
The Basilica in Węgrów

The Basilica in Węgrów is build in the Baroque style and dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and Peter and Paul saints. It is located at the eastern frontage of the main town square. The first church in this place was founded by Piotr Pietkowicz who was the courtier of the Mazovian Duke Janusz I. In 1441 a wooden church was built and in the beginning of the 16th

century a brick one. In 1703 Swedish Soldiers

(during the Deluge- the north war), with the help of the Węgrów Protestants, burnt the church. Thanks to Dobrogost Bonawentura  Krasiński, the owner of Węgrów those days, the present Basilica, with Michael Angelo Palloni`s frescos, was built and then consecrated in 1711.

Węgrów – a town in the Liwiec  River Valley
Węgrów is the main town of the area (thirteen thousand inhabitants) situated on the route to the north Mazovia region and further to Podlasie Region in Poland.

There is no doubt that the main feature of the region is the picturesque Liwiec River Valley  which belongs to the natural sanctuary called Natura 2000. The river and the artificial lake Zalew together with a modernized surrounding,  gives possibilities of practicing water sports and all other kinds of sports.

The Liwiec River Valley route

            The Liwiec River Valley route leads through beautiful and interesting places, both visual and cultural. You can visit many historical monuments there such as castles, regional architectural buildings, churches and temples. This region belongs to the group of special green areas of Poland called Zielone Płuca Polski- Green Lungs of Poland. You can circle or drive roads number 697,637 and 62 (91,5 km long) here and admire precious components of Węgrów region.